Supreme Chutes Privacy Policy

Your Privacy and Security:
At Supreme Chutes we are committed to making sure your right to privacy is respected and we have developed this privacy policy with your needs in mind.

We are highly aware of your desire to keep personal information confidential and protected. Information submitted and collected by is solely for the purpose of providing our services and products to customers. We can sure you that information collected from our customers and site visitors is not shared with third parties.

Use of E-Mail Addresses complies with the legal requirements of CAN-SPAM legislation so any emails sent by us will contain unsubscribe information enabling users to opt-out of future mailings. We will always send emails to confirm transactions to the email provided by the customer only.

Responding to User Inquiries
Information submitted through our contact form is screened by staff and we do our best to respond to each customer concern in a timely manner. Any correspondence may be used to help us better services and products provided on our website. Contact information is retained for the purpose of responding to customer concerns but is not shared with third party providers.

Use of Cookies
Our website uses cookies to remember your preferences while using our site but these can be disabled or deleted at any time depending on your needs. If you choose to disable cookies you will still be able to use our website however some processes may require you to enable cookies in order to complete transactions. They are not used to collect information other than information that you volunteer such as name, email address, etc.

Security Policy
We do not collect any personal information on this site other than what may be input into our contact form.