Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of chutes?
Many hi rise and mid rise buildings have chute systems installed to allow residents to easily send items to the collection room at the bottom. There are a variety of chute types including trash, laundry, linen, and recycling. Chutes that dispose of garbage or trash are also known as rubbish chutes. Many units now include recycling chutes so tenants can separate their recyclables from trash. Linen and laundry chutes help transfer soiled linens. Depending on your needs it is easy to find the right chute parts for your selected chute system.
What line of products do you offer?
At Supreme Chutes we sell a variety of chute doors and replacement parts for chute systems. Whether your chute system is newly installed or damaged and in need of repair, we can help you find the parts you need. More information about the chute system parts we supply can be found at our products page.
How do I know which size chute door I need?
If you have an existing chute system, removing and measuring the opening in the wall vertically and horizontally can help you find the right dimensions for your new door. If removal is not possible this measurement can still be taken without removing the door.
What is the purpose of fire-rated chute doors?
Many states have legislation that requires chute doors to be fire rated for the safety of residents. This means the door can withstand a certain degree of heat for an extended period of time. Fire-rated doors will have a special U.L. label for fire resistance. Building codes require fire rated chute doors because chute shafts have the capability to spread fires quickly in a building.
What maintenance does my chute door require after installation?
Properly installed chute doors, parts, and accessories can last for years with simple maintenance. Making sure the chute door is properly closed when not in use will help prevent damaged chute parts and decrease the risk of fire hazards. Ensuring the chute parts like hydraulic closers and t-handles are properly installed and functioning is also a necessity. Replacing damaged chute parts in a timely manner will increase the life of any chute system.
What if I can’t find the correct chute part?
Finding the right parts for your chute system is our specialty. If you’re having trouble finding the chute replacement part for your trash, linen, or recycling chute system, let us know and we will do out best to help you find the part you need.